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Product multi-angle display:

 Permanent magnet synchronous motor
            (PMSM NOT BLDC!!!)

Fully enclosed dust-proof structure:
Good electromagnetic compatibility,and strong anti-interference ability
Dust-proof, avoiding small foreign material invasion
High strength and safety in use
Both front and rear flange have the fixed position, easy for installation

Special rotor structure design
High vertical accuracy between the rotor and flange ensures the precise movement of the gimbal

Efficient heat sink design
An effective solution to improve the fully enclosed structure poor heat dissipation problem

Sinusoidal magnetic field design
Can effectively meet simpleBCG sine wave drive
Ultra low cogging torque at low speed 
Ultra low torque ripple to run smoothly at low speed

Optimize the pole arc design
With the smallest total harmonic distortion (THD), which is suitable for low speed applications

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